Why self-defense

In the world of today you can recognize an increase of ciminal activity and sexual assault. The recent incidents show that there is no class of population to be untroubled by, even in schools you can find acts of violence.

The threats which endanger you and your family are omnipresent. If you want survive in this urban jungle in some degree it is time to look into the subject self defense.

Already dealing with this theme is self defense. The very fact that you read here these lines shows that you are interested to protect you, your family and your home. This is a first step in the right direction.

Self defense is a base right. Defend yourself, don't be a victim. You can take action and we will help you executing. The possibilities thereby are various. These possibilities are starting by learning an efficient self defense system and are reaching till the creation and implementation of concepts for self protection.

Maor Self Defense is optimally useful as self defense system to get defendable within a short time. Because of its simple concept it is similarly applicable for the whole family. No matter where you are, with Maor Self Defense you are prepared at the best. Additionally you have the possibility to improve your ability to defend by using auxiliaries.

Do not trust in others regarding the safety of you and your family. It is your job to protect your family and it is ours to show you how it works. Your family trusts you in this case, so trust us in this case.